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Review: Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

Hey everyone!
I am so behind on blogging, it’s pretty ridiculous. I can honestly say it’s a little too late to finish up my 2013 favorites so I’ll just be showing you my favorites of each category throughout the weeks if I even get around to it. I feel so bad because I have a tendency to start new things and never finish them, it’s such a bad habit I need to stop!
Along the same subject of postponed blog posts, I had received some hair extensions a while back and never got around to posting my review on them until now. I was contacted by Dirty Looks about a month ago to review their hair extensions and I was extremely ecstatic and had to say yes! I see all these youtubers  and bloggers talking about hair extensions and they always looked so beautiful on and I was just about to splurge on some but was doing some research before dirty looks contacted me and I knew it was destiny! These came at an absolutely perfect time and since my wedding is just around the corner (6 months ahhh!!) I knew these would be of great use for my events. 
What you receive:
-hair extensions packaged neatly
-how to pamphlet
-social media sites
I love the packaging because you get your hair extensions one one side and the other side is more of a sample of the color you ordered. You are allowed to open up the sample and look at it, even apply it into your hair to see if it matches your current shade. However, once you apply any heat or color, you are unable to return any of the items, even if the rest of the hair extensions are still packaged. 
The ones I ordered were of course the clip in ones but they have so many choices. They have hair extensions, both solid colors and even ombre. They even have haircare products as well. I chose to go with the Bobby Glam full head extensions because I wanted that full voluminous hair look and let me tell you ladies, this one has A LOT of hair. It’s 7 pieces 20-22 inches long and 220 grams. This includes two 3 clips, 1 four clips and four 2 clips. For the pics below, I used all the pieces but in all honesty you can get away with using even five of the 7 pieces and still have full hair. For reference, the color I chose was espresso dark brown (but unfortunately due to a bad hair dye job on my own hair, I had to get my hair redone and then the extensions ended up being too light so I had to dye them. So really I am the shade organic). 
So here is me before applying my extensions. I admit it’s not the best picture, I had come from work and had to get this post up so feel free to look through my old blog posts as well for reference.
And now for the after! This was about my second time using it and it does feel heavy in the beginning but it just takes some getting used to. I’m so excited to experiment more with these and once I do get a little more comfortable with them, I would love to show you all some hairstyles to create with hair extensions! (wow I am rambling way too much today) Lastly, I would like to mention that my biggest fear was that these wouldn’t blend in with my natural hair because I have a ridiculous amount of layers but I found it best to style my hair after clipping the extensions in. I used the nume 32 mm wand to curl all my hair (bought off groupon).
My verdict? I’m in love of course!! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you so much for stopping by, hope to update again very soon!
pssst I posted a tutorial on my nye makeup look which I didn’t have time to blog about. Check it out!
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