Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette: Swatches and Review

I’m on a roll with these posts! Today I bring you a review/look/swatches of the  x Jaclyn Hill Palette. I’m probably super late in hopping on this bandwagon but every time I wanted to purchase this, it was sold out within like 25 seconds. Finally got my hands on it and I honestly really do like it. You can tell a different between the pigmentation of this and other Morphe Palettes, trust me I did a lot of research especially from unbiased channels and bloggers to make sure this was worth a buy. I own the 350 palette and it was a bit of a miss the more I used it because some of the colors were definitely more pigmented than others and it was just a big disappointment. Don’t worry, I don’t have a discount code or anything so I won’t lure you into buying this palette; this is my unbiased opinion.

DSC04174 copy

The packaging (which I forgot to take a pic of) is completely white, which isn’t the best for heavy uses and travel because it will get messy pretty fast. It also has a cardboard feel which I’m afraid just isn’t that sturdy so I probably won’t be putting this in my makeup kit unless it was a stationary one. It comes with 35 shades ranging from matte to satin finishes and the matte ones surprisingly have amazing color payoff. The satin ones, I feel are hard to mess up because most satin shadows I’ve tried have great color pay off. The colors range from neutrals to warms, a couple of cools and a pop of color. I love a palette that has a choice of bright colors so that’s honestly what lured me to purchase this. If you know me, you know I love the teals and shimmery green shades so of course for the first look I created with this, I used the last row for a green smokey eye (scroll down to see what I’m talking about). Alright, let’s move on to the swatches! Swatches will be done row by row, from bottom to top. All are done with a flat brush and no primer or base.

Row 1: This row has very neutral tones for a light wash all over the lid or a pop in the center of the lid.

Enlight:  satin very light neutral
Beam: satin vanilla
Silk Creme: matte neutral beige (perfect for a transition)
M.F.E.O: matte darker beige (good transition for darker skin)
Faint: shimmer pink with flecks of silver
Sissy: shimmer duo-chrome pink that reflects gold
Little Lady: shimmer golden-peach 


Row 2: This row has lighter warm tones

Creamsicle: matte yellow-0range
Butter: matte peach
Pooter: matte light brown
Pukey: matte yellow brown
Hunts: matte orange with a bit of red
Firework: satin golden-orange
Queen: satin golden-olive


Row 3: This row has more darker warm tones, definitely more reddish

Obsessed: shimmer champagne
S.B.N: shimmer light gold
Hillster: satin golden-bronze
Roxanne: matte brown
Jacz: matte reddish brown
Buns: matte taupe
Cranapple: satin golden-reddish


Row 4: This row has more cooler tones

Royalty: satin purple
Twerk: stain blue with specks of silver. This swatched the worst.
Hustle: shimmer champagne with flecks of silver
Meeks: shimmer darker golden olive
24/7: shimmer bronze
Chip: satin cool brown
Mocha: satin brown (very similar to Chip)


Row 5: This row is the more colorful one with shades of green and some warmer brown tones

Pool Party: shimmer sea green
Jada: matte electric green
Diva: shimmer green with silver flecks
Enchanted: satin forest green
Central Park: satin brown
Soda Pop: satin purple-brown
Abyss: satin black – this was not a super pigmented shade for a black


As you can tell, some shades aren’t that pigmented as others but overall, the majority of the shades have really good color payoff. Since this is limited edition, I won’t tell you all to go purchase it because I’m sure there are plenty of dupes out there to create this palette from various brands. If  you don’t own many palettes though and are looking for some with various colors to add to your kit, this would be perfect. Just you know, stare at your screen all day when the restock dates happen and hopefully fingers crossed you’ll be able to get one -___- I personally have been using this everyday and have no complaints thus far so I highly recommend it.

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