MILANI Baked Blushes: Review and Swatches

Alright, I’ll admit I am sooooooooo late to this game but I finally purchased some Milani blushes to try out! Honestly I just wanted to try Luminoso but ended up getting some other colors as well because I wanted to grow my blush collection a bit AND I wanted to take advantage of the sale Milani was having. I ended up ordering five of the baked blushes because from all the blushes I tried, the baked formula is one of my favorite because you can build it up and it still looks beautiful and they all have such a nice sheen that give a natural glow to the cheeks.

The packaging has a gold plastic external and on the inside you get a blush with a second compartment that comes with a little brush which I probably will never use unless I’m traveling. The color payoff on these is so beautiful, they all have a satin finish and some have extra glitter flecks than others. I ordered shades of pink and peachy/corals since those are the colors I normally wear and for tan to deeper tones, these colors look gorgeous. None of the colors I own came out chalky and have a lot of pigmentation so a little goes a long way.DSC04804

Left to right (as pictured): Dolce Pink, Rose D’Oro, Berry Amore, Bella Bellini and Luminoso. Honestly, I can just stare at these all day because of the designs baked into the blushes, it almost looks good enough to eat (but please don’t). Let’s take a closer look at each one!


Dolce Pink: This is such a beautiful (I’m going to be using this word for pretty much every one of these) pink blush with flecks of silver glitter. On the skin it looks really nice and is one of the pink shades that is flattering on my skin tone and isn’t too cool toned. I highly recommend this for pretty much all skin tones but definitely tan skin.


Rose D’Oro: The name is kind of decieving because it doesn’t have a rose undertone at all but is more of a warmer bronze/rusty shade that would pair well with a warmer toned look for the summer. This has the least amount glitter but still has a satin finish. It almost looks like a subtle version of Taj Mahal by Nars.



Berry Amore: This is a soft berry shade with flecks of gold. Again, has a satin finish with not as much glitter.


Bella Bellini: This is one of my favorites just to look at, I mean look at this! It looks more pink in the pan but is more of a rose gold with a strong gold undertone and a strong satin finish with tiny flecks of gold glitter. This is one of the truest rose gold shades I’ve seen especially for a blush.



Luminoso: This is one of the more popular shades and I don’t really see why. The shade is a peach with gold undertone and reminds me a lot of Orgasm by Nars. It is beautiful, no doubt about that but I’m not sure why this is the only blush from this line that people like because the rest of the colors are just as nice.



The staying power of these on my skin is about 5-6 hours which is standard and the ones with glitter is pretty visible but not over the top. I like using these when I’m in a rush and want a quick flush of color on the cheeks because these double as a highlighter as well which just makes my skin look healthy and glowy. Overall, I am super impressed with all of these colors which is super rare (I thought I would only like a couple, seriously had zero expectations). Highly recommend these if you’re looking for blushes on a budget!

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