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I’m back with yet another review of the Fenty Beauty Collection. By now I’m sure you all have read and done plenty of research on all the products from the new Fenty Beauty line by Rihanna. I personally love Rihanna and had to support her when her line came out so I went to Sephora the day after these products released to see what would catch my eye. I ended up getting two of the highlighters and the foundation because I am always a sucker for a good foundation. Let’s start with the overall line. I picked these three products because they’re the only ones that really caught my eye. I swatched the cream products and they were just swatching a bit dry so I definitely didn’t want to apply it on my eyes because I know it wouldn’t settle well at all.


Alright let’s talk about the foundation. This is a huge hype because this is one line that caters more towards women of color which is awesome since the beauty community doesn’t concentrate on the darker shades. This line contains 40 shades of various undertones and has shades for the lightest of skin tones to the darkest of tones. I ended up going with the shade 290 which has a neutral olive undertone and in the store it seemed like the perfect match. The formula of this is beautiful: It is highly pigmented and has moderate to buildable full coverage. It dries down quickly but doesn’t get completely matte even though it has a matte finish. It’s hard to explain but you need to try it out for yourself. I do recommend getting shades matched (I say this a lot in the video, see down below for my full review of this foundation!) because it’s hard to sell from just the outside of the bottle. Below you can see the way it blends out on my hand.



This color, like I mentioned looked great when I tried it on in the store but when I applied to my skin at home, it turned super green and this is probably from the olive in the undertone. I’ve never had this happen from any other foundation so I am going to have to exchange it for a slightly darker color but other than the color, I like the application because it covers up everything! It doesn’t feel heavy or cakey and and on my oily skin it stayed really well and only started  slightly getting oily around the 6 hours mark. There is no flashback and it’s easy to layer other products on top. I do recommend avoiding the eye area since it got a tad dry after I layered the concealer on top but other than that it stayed really well on the rest of my face. This retails for $36 which honestly, I was expecting a much higher price point so I am pleased with the price along with the formula.


And onto the highlighters! I purchased two from the line, one single and one double sided one. The packaging on these are so beautiful and if you shine in in bright light, you can see a duo chrome surface with little glitter specks and it’s just so so pretty. These are a bit pricey though, they retail for $34.


Trophy wife is a beautiful metallic gold and I love this as an eyeshadow. I did try it as a highlight but it has so much glitter specks in it that I had glitter ALL over my face. It’s fun to use for Instagram pictures but for everyday, I’m gonna have to say nope.



I also purchased the Mean Money (left) / Hustla Baby (right) highlighter. Both of these have more of a wearable peachy/ champagne undertone and I think it would fit all skin tones. The left side is a lot, a lot more subtle than the right side. I’m not sure why there is such a difference in the texture of the two but I definitely like the right side of this a lot better. I don’t see myself reaching for the left side as much since it took a bit of swiping for it to show up on my skin so maybe this can be used a blush topper? I’ll have to experiment a little bit more but I definitely am liking Hustla Baby.


Bottom: Mean Money, Top: Hu$tla Baby


Overall I do really like this line and I love the fact that everything is permanent so that means more products will likely be added to this line. If you’re a woman of color and are looking for a foundation range that suits all skin tones and undertones, definitely try this line out because I am sure there will be something in store for you! You can find all products in almost all Sephora stores and online. Watch my video below to see the wear time of the foundation!

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