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As you all know, Sephora had the recent sale and of course I had to purchase a few things. I didn’t really have my eye on anything specific until I saw that this Urban Decay x Basquiat collection was coming out and of course my eyes immediately went to it and I wanted to purchase the eyeshadow palettes. This is hands down one of my favorite collections where the packaging played a factor in my decision to purchase this. I mean can you blame me? It’s Basquiat’s replicated work on beautiful palettes (which btw can also be hung on the wall), what more can you ask for? I’ve always loved art and to see these two forms of art (mixed media and makeup) come together is pretty much my wish come true. Honestly, I was pretty unimpressed with all these companies coming out with numerous collections because the one thing I care about is pigmentation and if 50% of the colors in a colleciton have no pigment, it’s a no go for me. Boy am I glad this blew me away. Both palettes are unique in their own way, one is a neutral palette and one has colorful shades and together they make a beautiful team of endless looks you can create. I’ve always been a fan of Urban Decay but recently their palettes were a tad disapointing. The last one I purchased was the Moondust Palette (still loved btw) but after that, nothing really caught my eye. Before I keep rambling on, below are the swatches and I’ll let you be the judge.

All swatches were done on bare skin with an eyeshadow brush and with no primer underneath.

Tenant Palette: This palette has a little of fallout but the darker shades are super pigmented. If you don’t own a palette that has a variety of colored shades and you’re wanting to play with colors, this palette is just for you! The only downfall is that the lighter shades aren’t as pigment so a base is a must.


Studio: Matte light pink shade. This had the most kickback (super chalky) and not as pigmented as the other shades. A strong base, especially a white base is highly recommended.

1960: Matte darker pink. Also not as pigmented but pretty pigmented for a pink which I know is a shade that is hard to create.

Neo: Purple shade with tiny flecks of shimmer. This left a bit of stain which shows how pigmented it is so if you’re allergic to any red dye, this is not recommended.

Les: Matte charcoal shade. This has a darker base so it looks almost black but is mostly charcoal.

Graffiti: Shimmery dark green shade. This is a really pigmented green with flecks of gold.

Exu: Shimmery lime green. This has great pigmentation and looks a tad yellow in some lighting.

Boom: Matte teal. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for shades of teal so I might be biased but this is such a pretty shade. Love this for a pop on the lower lashline.

Untitled: Matte dark blue, almost a royal blue. This takes a bit of layering for the color to stand out so of course a good base is necessary.


Gold Griot: This palette has two shimmers and the rest are mattes and this is the perfect neutral palette. As if we didn’t have enough neutral shades as it is, I can honestly say this is a great palette to take for travel for a variety of colors (I would actually take both). These palettes though had a lot of kickback (powdery look) but it doesn’t take away from the pigmentation.


Enigma: Matte vanilla shade. This has so much kickback but actually makes a great shadow for under the brow.

Levitation: Matte cool toned light brown. This looks darker in the palette than it does on the skin and was the least pigmented in this palette.

Not for sale: Matte orange shade. This was some serious pigmented and I really liked this

Suckerpunch: Shimmery brown with flecks of silver. This took a tad bit of packing as well, about two-three swipes

Influence: Shimmery true-bronze. This is a bronze shade that I’ve been looking for for my skintone. It’s a true bronze shade that doesn’t lean too green and It was so beautiful on the lid. It has flecks of gold and was so buttery and easy to apply.

Bk: Matte charcoal. This was coming out more brown in pictures and wasn’t my favorite in the palette. The shade is weird and it doesn’t have good pigmentation at all.

Pseudonym: Matte dark navy. Really pigmented and it looks black in the palette but is a super dark blue and is so pretty.

Crown: Satin yellow-gold shade which leans more yellow. This would be a great color on deeper skin tones for that perfect pop of color.


I do also have to mention that the brushes in these palettes are surprisingly extremely good quality. They’re both dual-ended and are so versatile to use to create a complete eye look.

Now unfortunately these are limited edition, with the palettes at $39/each which is pretty decent for 8 shades and a brush. These palettes, along with the rest of the collection can be found on Sephora, Ulta and Urban Decay’s website.

And of course no post is complete without a tutorial!

Thank you for reading!

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