Pat McGrath Dark Star 006

Ok so I won’t go into the whole “omg it’s been so long since I’ve blogged” because I have no more excuses. I honestly wanted to take a break because my heart wasn’t into it anymore but I also started to miss doing swatches of products and taking product pics and I told myself to get back into it because it is still one of my favorite outlets to talk about products I purchase, products I like and new videos I post. I appreciate all those who have been reading my blog for so long, hopefully this isn’t a one day thing and I continue to post more for all of you.

Now to continue with today’s post, I will be talking about the Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 Collection. I haven’t been consistently keeping up with Pat McGrath’s collections but I was keeping an eye on this one because of the beautiful duo-chrome effect the shadow and the gloss have. Now I’m not going to lie, it’s been a while since I’ve done swatches so I completely forgot to swatch the cream shadow but I’ll tell you right now it’s super pigmented and dries instantly which makes for a great eyeliner especially for the waterline. This collection comes with 7 pieces which includes four eyeshadows, a brush, eye gloss and cream stick. The brush is also very soft and a good blending brush for the crease or to blend out any harsh lines and I’m not complaining because I’m always in a need for a blending brush. This collection retails for $130 which is a hefty price tag but when you break it down, it’s a really good deal for 7 full sized products.

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows and the gloss. The bottom swatch as the Astral pigment and the gloss over the black shadow and it. is. beautiful.

Left to right: Ultraviolet Blue, Dark Matter, Mercury, Astral, Eye Gloss


Ultraviolet blue: This has a cream shadow texture and is a beautiful purple base with blue tones and flecks of silver

Dark Matter: A matte black shadow which has a baked formula texture which I found needed to be built up and wasn’t as pigmented as the rest of the colors. This has a matte texture, but again wasn’t my favorite from this collection

Mercury: A beautiful light bronze shade which makes the perfect shade as a highlight for deeper skintones. This has a satin finish and is so smooth to blend out.

Astral: This is my favorite out of this collection and is a beautiful holographic, duo-chrome shadow which looks amazing as a highlight, by itself and over any eyeshadow. It has a silver base with fleck of blue. Can I just say most holographic products have a pink undertone so to see a product with a blue tone is a nice change and definitely something I prefer more.

Eye Gloss: This has flecks of blue and pink but unfortunately as pretty as it is on the jar, it comes out very iridescent, almost non existent. I do really like the texture and a little goes a really long way because it spreads out really well.


Here is a tutorial I created using these products and I am absolutely loving them so far!

This can be found on Sephora for a limited time with three different choices: 2 seven piece gifts or a 6 piece one.

Thank you for reading!

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