Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

Ah, the not so long awaited lip palette. I am loving ABH and how they are coming out with new products that are of great quality and are made for everyone who is even slightly obsessed with makeup. Today I’m going to be talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette which I snagged the day it was released online because I knew it was a must have if not for me, then for my makeup kit. I couldn’t be more impressed. Lip options have honestly been a huge struggle for me because I never really ever know what lip to wear with certain looks. I tend to shift towards the same rosy, mauvy, nudey brown shades and I have to constantly remind myself to branch out of my comfort zone. The problem? I never know what bold shades to purchase. That’s where this palette comes in. The last row, as seen below are the basic shades needed to create pretty much any shades imaginable. I won’t go into detail about color theory but if you just read up on it, it will help you know which colors to mix and match to create various shades. Now I wouldn’t have hated it if they came out with just the last row as a single palette because just that is enough. But of course those who aren’t in the art industry and are not sure of color matching and mixing, it would be hard to create shades from scratch and thats where the other two rows come in. The shades range from pinks to oranges to deeper red and nudes. The possibilities are endless. This palette actually comes with a tiny spatula on one side and a lip brush on the other along with a mixing palette.

The pigmentation of these shades are pretty amazing. I know this is where most would say a little goes a long way but that’s not the case for these (see swatches below). They are creamy but a bit harder in texture and while mixing different shades, it was difficult to get all the product off of the mixing palette and on to your lips. My tip: Mix some Inglot duraline to get a smoother application and remember to use more than you think you need. I personally love the spatual/lip brush it’s a great combo and easy to use but the mixing palette is pretty flimsy. I have a metal mixing palette from Make up For Ever and the quality between the two is quite visible. You can use these on the back of your hand if that’s what you’re comfortable with, however I find that extremely messy.

Here are the shades numbered as they are in the palette. The P stands for Primary followed by the number


Here are some shades I created while mixing and matching

1). Primary 2, Primary 3 and 13. I didn’t take out as much product while mixing as I should have so this came out a bit faded in the center.


2). 2, 10, Primary 5


3). 3, 7, Primary 3


4). Primary 2, Primary 4, 9


Mixed with the duraline (seriously, get your hands on this stuff), I got these to last about 4 hours which is pretty standard and I this is through eating dinner with the hubby. Overall, I definitely recommend this especially if you’re a makeup artist in the industry wanting to condense your kit. If you’re an everyday user, it might be a bit difficult and you probably not use the bottom row as much as you would like. Also I would like to mention that the back of this palette states this as Vol.1 so I’m thinking there will be another palette coming out with a different shade range. Let’s be on the lookout for that as well!

This can currently be purchased on Abh’s website for $48


-Great pigmentation

-18 shades

-rough texture

-need more product than normal

-average staying power

-lots of color possibilities

-not so easy to use for everyday users/great for professional artists

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