Master Palette by Mario

Hello hello! I’m just going to skip over the fact that I don’t regularly blog and most of you are probably not surprised at this point. I have so many posts lined up but I have been way too lazy (for the lack of a better word) to post but I have been active on my other social media accounts so be sure to follow me here and here to see what I’m up to! Now, I have always been a fan of Mario Dedivanovic and I’m not going to lie, I did start following him after finding out he was Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. I mean this guy is seriously a legend now! His techniques have shaped the beauty industry and so many beauty enthusiasts follow what he has taught. I am not only a fond of his work but appreciate how genuine he is after all these years; he has not let get fame get to him in anyway and that is something many aren’t able to to do in this day and age. When his palette was announced with ABH I’m not going to lie I wasn’t very impressed with the shade choices because I love a little color in a all my palette but I had to remind myself that these are the shades in which he bases his techniques off of and they are shades that can be used for more neutral smokey or even natural everyday looks. My sister was sweet enough to gift this to me and I have never been more excited.

The palette has 12 shades with 3 mattes and the rest a satin shimmer. The pigmentation is incredible and not one shade disappointed me upon swatching. This is also one of the first palettes where I see myself using all the shades because every single on is wearable. The only thing I wish it had was a matte vanilla shade for under the brow, I feel like this is such an important shade that many palettes leave out.


Let’s get on to the swatches-


Top row (l-r):

-Hollywood: yellow gold

-NYC: brown/burgandy

-Kim: bronze

-Muse: reddish brown

-Marina: champagne

-Clauda (favorite shade): a dark bluish green


Bottom row (l-r):

-Lula: matte taupe

-Isabel: matte peach

-Violeta: matte brown

-5th Avenue: pale gold

-Bronx: green

-Paris: bronze with green undertones

I did forget to mention that this palette also comes with a dual sided brush but this was extremely useless for me. I’m not sure why companies create these little brushes, I personally have never used them and the quality is never equal to what is actually sold. However, so far I am really liking this palette and for professional artists, I highly recommend having this in your kit. The matte shades, even though there are three are the right tones as transition shades. From what I have read, this is limited edition but I could be wrong so if you are even thinking of buying it, JUST DO IT. You won’t be disappointed. Found at Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s and ABH website for $45.

Of course I can’t leave without creating a look with this, check out my tutorial!




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